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Let us who mystically represent the cherubim...

Start: 02/07/2024

These are the first words of the Cherubic Hymn which we sing when the Great Entrance is made.

We sing the truth; we join with the angels in the Liturgy of Heaven.

With their role of calling to remembrance this hidden reality, the choir leads the parish in the ancient words of praise.

At Saints Peter and Paul, as at many parishes, the choir once sang from the choir loft, but the choir loft has been inoperable for a number of years.

We now have the volunteers and the will to restore it and make it safe for use.

The damaged floor will be replaced. The balcony railing will be made safe, especially for the sake of the children of choir members and the children who come to sing. Flooring will be installed. By prior generosity, a chandelier has already recently been acquired to hang above the loft.

Thank you for considering supporting this project.



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