Leaders & Parish Council

His Beatitude Tikhon

Archbishop of Washington Metropolitan of All America and Canada

His Eminence Michael

Archbishop of New York and the Diocese of New York and New Jersey

Rev. Solomon Longo

Acting Rector

Gleb Ivanov

Interim Music Director

Marius Anghel

Parish Council President

Matushka Anna


Church Bylaws


Article I: The Parish
Article II: The Parish Priest
Article III: A Parishioner
Article IV: Director of Music
Article V: Parish Assemblies
Article VI: The Parish Council
Article VII: Administrative Officers
Article VIII: The Effective Dates of Decisions
Article IX: The Parish Minutes, Records, and Seal
Article X: Voting
Article XI: Auditing
Article XII: Amendments
Article XIII: The Parish Cemetery
Article XIV: Cathedral Parking
Article XV: Canonical Disruption of the Parish
Article XVI: Dissolution of the Parish
Bylaws Submission

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