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Testifying by Light.

Start: 02/07/2024

The beauty of the Orthodox temple testifies to the beauty of God, and to the peace and dependable truth which are offered by the Gospel teachings and promises.

For anyone who has been inside Saints Peter and Paul, the chandeliers feature prominently in their memories. The lights within our services testify to the Father of Lights who gives the light of understanding and clarity to our lives, and they remind us of the importance of letting the light of Christ illumine us----of staying in the light.

Our beautiful chandeliers are in need of restoration so that they can keep being the uplifting sight that they have been to our parishioners and visitors for all these years. The whole chandelier will be brightened up with a cleaning. Missing crystals will be replaced. Bulbs and sockets that have worn out (around half of the total number) will be changed to bring the chandelier back to its former glory.

Please consider donating to this project to steward the gift that past generations have left to us.



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